Why Work with RapidMade As Your 3D Printing Partner

December 9, 2020

When we founded RapidMade in 2011, we were motivated by the ethos of delivering innovative and personalized solutions for developing, manufacturing, and marketing our clients’ products. We are more than just a manufacturer, engineering service, or 3D printer; we treat every project as if it were our own – with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

Why? Because every business has its own unique drivers, goals, and needs – and your projects deserve to be custom-tailored to exceed your expectations. 


So, why partner with us? Here’s a peek into the world of RapidMade:

Collaborative Partners with Unparalleled Expertise

Whether you’re looking to develop and design a new product or you have an existing project that could use some refining, we provide full-spectrum manufacturing and engineering services. From market research to prototyping to replacement parts, we offer valuable insights into ways to optimize processes, minimize costs, and ensure your product is utilizing the best materials, finishes, and more. Our engineering and management team has collectively several hundred years and multiple generations of manufacturing experience. This experience helps us identify and integrate new and disruptive technologies in new and creative ways which bring enormous value to our customer’s R&D teams and supply chains.

Overcome Economic Challenges

Today’s fast-paced economic landscape means businesses both small and large are facing increasing demands to produce more products, reduce operating costs, and meet tighter deadlines. These are the areas we feel innately passionate about. To overcome challenges, we combine state-of-the-art digital design and manufacturing technologies with traditional ones to yield cost-effective, high-quality results. By implementing cost-reduction strategies, like using 3D printed tooling and instant CAD model quotation for 3D printing, our clients are able to increase profit margins, improve productivity and accuracy, and enjoy valuable cost-savings. 

Accelerate Turn Times

We live in an on-demand era – one in which businesses are pressured to meet short lead times, at a lower cost. To meet growing expectations, 3D printing can be leveraged to significantly reduce design-to-production time. As your 3D printing partners, we have the ability to produce functional prototypes – providing clients with a fast, convenient way to assess product design and evaluate features. 

Unlike traditional manufacturing, this process only takes a few days to carry out. In a similar vein, additive manufacturing vastly improves assembly-line efficiency. Instead of using time-consuming tools made with multiple components, businesses are able to use the redesign process as one contiguous component – resulting in savings on post-build labor.

Reduce Inventory

The backbone of production operations has always relied on fixtures, jigs, and other tools being sturdy and well-built. By leaning on additive manufacturing, businesses can enjoy numerous benefits, such as a decrease in cost, a reduction in lead time, and the elimination of most design rules and limitations. This superpowers your designers and engineers to quickly solve the most complicated production problems.

Through 3D printing, you always have a digital file available to order at your convenience. That means you have the capability of producing parts only as needed  – in batches as small as one unit that can be on your production floor in as little as a few days. Think of it as digital inventory in lieu of physical, tangible inventory, freeing up your cash flow for other activities. Plus, the digital inventory allows for fast and effortless tweaks to the design between runs. It is very difficult to modify a physical part that is on your shelves.  Machine OEMs (equipment manufacturers) also often charge 10x markups on spare parts, can be on the other side of the globe with no urgency to ship and plan obsolescence forcing you to buy a new machine. Digitizing your spare parts reduces your dependency on these vendors increasing your production uptime and lowers your cost.

With our business based in the U.S., our clients enjoy quick shipping as well as access to top-notch customer service when a question or need arises. Ready to grow your business and increase your competitive advantage?

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