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Because One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

July 6, 2020
Mask Comparison

Filtered Face Masks Now Come in Large and Small Sizes

To provide a better fit for smaller profiles, RapidMade now makes filtered face masks in small as well as large sizes. Adjustable straps allow wearers to secure the masks behind their heads or loop around their ears.

Masks: Face masks are made from durable, rigid plastic with comfortable silicone seals where they contact the face. Replaceable filters fit snugly within the mask opening. Masks can be cleaned with disinfectant. Replacement filters sold separately in packs of 4 (see below.) Adjustable straps with multiple sizes fit any face.

Filters: Medical-grade filters and gauze sandwiched in a rigid nylon frame. MBN95—53100 synthetic media (95% EFF) rated at 98% BFE is based on living organisms 1-5 microns. PFE is based on dead particles from 0.1-1 micron.

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  This mask is not an FDA-cleared PPE and is not intended to replace an N95 respirator.  It may not provide the same level of barrier protection, fluid resistance, filtration and infection control. Users should check the mask’s seal for leaks, confirm that they can breathe through the filter material, only use filters that are rated to filter out at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron particles), exercise caution in surgical environments where the need for liquid barrier protection and flammability is a concern, recognize that the mask may not provide air filtration enough to prevent transmission of infectious agents, safely dispose of infectious materials and disinfect any part they intend to reuse.  Users are encouraged to wear a face shield over the mask to provide additional protection.

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