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HP Multi Jet Fusion – Tips for Designing 3D Parts

September 29, 2020
Tips for designing 3d Parts using HP's multi jet fusion

The 3D printing market is a rapidly growing industry. In fact, the market size of 3D printed products and services is estimated to reach $40.8 billion globally by 2024, more than double the current projected estimate of $19 billion for 2020.

With such high growth potential, businesses in the 3D printing industry need to learn everything they can to stay competitive. The first step to staying competitive is having an understanding of the tools and equipment.

The following infographic displays the technical aspects of the HP MJF 3D printing series. Here, you’ll find helpful information on the specs and capabilities of each model type as well as tips on orientation and preferred printing materials that can help you design and create the perfect 3D parts for your project.

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