3 Benefits of 3D Printing for Companies

February 10, 2022

In today’s business world, advanced technology is helping companies bridge gaps between consumer demand and rising production costs. The use of 3D printing, for example, has skyrocketed due to the myriad of advantages it offers over traditional processes. 3D printing for companies spans virtually every industry – from automotive parts to medical supplies – and delivers quicker speed-to-market, reduced wasted and decreased costs. Here are the top three reasons your company can benefit from investing in 3D printing. 

3D Printing Decreases Tooling Costs

Throughout the factory floor is a variety of tools and fixtures – all utilized to perform specific tasks and solve different problems. Each of these specialized parts is typically custom-built to satisfy a company’s manufacturing and production needs. Not only can they be time-consuming to create, but they can also be incredibly costly. 

Whenever a broken part needs to be replaced, manufacturing processes are disrupted and productivity decreases. 3D-printed tools and fixtures can significantly reduce these costs, as they can be replaced within a matter of hours. What’s more, 3D printed replacement parts are strong, cost-effective and lightweight. Traditional manufacturing processes like machining and molding often require master molds and patterns,  work holding and assembly jigs or inspection fixtures. 3D printing is a superior way to produce this sort of tooling.

Additive Manufacturing Decreases Waste

Industries that utilize CNC machining to build parts, such as the automotive sector, rely on a process known as subtractive manufacturing. In these scenarios, aluminum or steel parts start out as solid blocks, and material is slowly removed until the final product emerges. This type of manufacturing produces a lot of waste and isn’t an eco-friendly way to operate

As a result, businesses are hemorrhaging dollars on the time and costs associated with collecting, cleaning and recycling metal shavings, as well as cooling fluids. 3D printing for companies effectively eliminates the majority of this clean-up time, keeping productivity levels high while decreasing waste. 

3D Printing Accelerates Speed-to-Market

Today’s consumers have an on-demand mentality and look for products that align with their lifestyle and needs. Runners and exercise enthusiasts want shoes that are virtually weightless. Drivers want vehicles that deliver an easier commute. In other words, people are seeking products and solutions that are faster, lighter and better than ever before. 

3D printing for companies can help meet these rising consumer demands by decreasing design-to-production times. With this technology, designers and engineers can develop digital product renderings that can be 3D-printed into functional prototypes. This provides a convenient and efficient way for businesses to test various features and evaluate the overall design in a cost-effective manner. With traditional processes, this process could take weeks. Through 3D printing, however, this process only takes a few days to complete.  

Reap the Benefits of 3D Printing for Companies

3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing world. It’s helping drive innovation while lowering costs and accelerating production time. To learn more about how the RapidMade team can help your company with your 3D printing needs, contact us for a free quote today.

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