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We’re Doubling Our MJF 3D Printing Capacity

August 12, 2019

We launched our Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing service last year to provide our clients with the best 3D printing technology for small- to medium-sized production runs and functional prototypes. The response surprised even us!

It turns out that people really like high-quality products, great value and fast turnaround—which is why we’re doubling our MJF printing capacity with brand new Multi Jet Fusion 5200 Series machines.

We’ll still be providing the same great customer service and high-quality manufacturing—just twice as much of it. From product development and initial production to replacement parts and more, RapidMade and MJF 3D printing provide unmatched value throughout your product life cycle.

Bike helmet assembly made from 3D printed nylon PA-12 on the Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer.

The Best General-Purpose 3D Printing

If you don’t already know, HP’s Multi Jet Fusion is the fastest industrial-grade 3D printer on the market. It prints durable nylon PA-12 parts and prototypes with lead times as small as two days—without the expensive tooling and setup costs of injection molding and machining.

With MJF printing, manufacturing complex designs is a breeze. Features like lattices, hollow bodies or nested cores that would be prohibitively expensive or downright impossible to produce with traditional technologies are fast and economical to 3D print.

Whether you want to reduce part weight, combine multi-part assemblies into a single piece or simply reduce your material costs, the possibilities are endless. MJF technology has made it easy to develop products and transition into full production runs all in one place.

Get Ready for an Upgrade

The upgraded 5200 Series has improved cooling cycles for even more reliable fine control, better repeatability and enhanced accuracy. Plus, it requires less labor and shorter downtime.

The new systems will be up and running by September 10th. We’re already taking orders, so don’t wait to get started! Find out what all the fuss is about, and join the hundreds of businesses who have seen how MJF 3D printing can increase their competitive advantage.

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