Years ago, I remember buying a toy cowboy gun for my son while in Texas.  This was long before 9/11, so I was annoyed (being several months pregnant with my second child) when I had to waddle a great distance back to check my bag to avoid having it confiscated. 

Nowadays, while we may resent the added security, we don't question its necessity.  Last week reinforced the idea that longer airport security lines are not always a bad thing as Reno TSA screeeners found a 3D printed gun.  Printed from a plastic resin, the replica was not a functional gun as it lacked a trigger.  But for some unknown reason, the passenger also had five live .22-caliber bullets in his possession.

Of the reported 68 guns confiscated by TSA officials last week, the 3D printed copy is speculated to be the first uncovered to date.