To create or improve products, engineers rely on a number of proven approaches which include CAD Work, 3D Design, Industrial Design, Technical Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and Technical Documentation.  Learn more about how RapidMade can help.

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CAD Work

  • 3D print preparation
  • 2D to 3D conversions
  • Design for manufacturing conversions

    3D Design

    • Contract design work
    • Custom design
    • Product design
    • Conceptual design
    • Proof-of-concept design
    • Design for manufacturing

    Industrial Design

    • Aesthetics
    • Use-ability
    • Ergonomics
    • Anthropometrics
    • Research

    Technical Analysis

    • Stress analysis
    • Motor/actuator sizing and selection

    Reverse Engineering

    • File Conversions
    • Existing part to 3D CAD
    • 3D scan to parametric CAD model

    Technical Documentation

    • Manufacturing drawings
    • Machine layouts


    • User manuals
    • On-site installation

    Here is an excerpt from the Portland Business Journal article that appeared last week:

    It wasn't long after Renee Eaton was introduced to 3D printing technology that she saw a business opportunity. Why not purchase 3D printing equipment and then add those services to her company’s offerings? As Easton saw it, owning the high-end equipment would allow RapidMade to provide local, sustainable and innovative manufacturing capabilities to small companies and individuals who couldn’t afford them otherwise. And so, RapidMade’s innovative business model was born. Here’s some more detail about RapidMade from Eaton herself.


    How would you describe your business model? Unlike traditional manufacturers and online 3D printing service bureaus, our complete range of 3D technologies, combined with our in-house design/engineering, and personal service, deliver targeted, effective results ... that help clients create new products, accelerate development, improve quality and lower costs.

    What’s unique about the manufacturing process? Unlike traditional manufacturing, where an object is made by taking a material and cutting it away to create the piece (subtractive manufacturing), digital fabrication builds it, layer by layer, as directed by a CAD file. This process is ideal for items made from expensive materials like titanium, customized and complex designs ­— that often cannot be machined traditionally — or assemblies which can be eliminated because the component is printed in one piece. And the lead times required to produce prototypes, parts, molds, patterns and tools are reduced to days from weeks.

    What differentiates your company in the marketplace? RapidMade uses these advanced technologies as a means to an end. If a client comes to us, and we believe 3D printing (additive manufacturing) isn’t the best solution for him or her, we always say so. And if it isn’t, we can still provide traditional manufacturing alternatives. Another distinction is our in-house engineering staff whose experience enables them to design and create prints to maximize the effectiveness of this technology. Unlike many service bureaus that simply print what they get, we evaluate clients’ files to ensure they get what they want, not just what they upload to us.

    Who uses your service?  Although we get the occasional enthusiast, RapidMade works almost exclusively with businesses and entrepreneurs.  We are very proud to have worked with a number of Fortune 100 companies as well as small- and medium-sized firms on some very novel projects.  Our work tends to focus on 3D scanning and reverse engineering, product development, low-volume production (replacement and finished parts as well as tooling, patterns and molds), architectural, artistic and sales models and customized figurines and promotional items.

    Suzanne Stevens is Editor of the Portland Business Journal, overseeing the newsroom and guiding all news operations.


    While the hype around 3D printing may be a bit overblown, there are genuine reasons for businesses to take notice.  Early adopters have had great success, and not just in rapid prototyping and reverse engineering.  Additive manufacturing now allows mass customization and provides these benefits:

    • Accelerate your speed-to-market
    • Meet the needs of more customers
    • Create novel products not possible until now.
    • Find unique production solutions for quantities as low as 1 - 1,000
    • Lower your costs - while being more environmentally responsible
    • Simplify - and localize - your supply chains
    • Create unique marketing tools
    • Capture increased market share

    Learn more.

    RapidMade has saved the Oregon Department of Corrections hundreds of thousands of dollars in door retrofits.

    RapidMade has saved the Oregon Department of Corrections hundreds of thousands of dollars in door retrofits.

    • Stop paying outrageous markups to OEMs for current and discontinued parts.

    • Create your own digital parts library and order parts on demand for less.

    • Re-engineer your parts to last longer and perform better.

    Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) often sell spare parts at markups as high as 10 to 15 times what it costs. Worse yet, they often have incentives for planned obsolescence before the end of the machine's life, so they can force you to buy a new one

    At RapidMade, we can give you control of your inventory by reverse engineering OEM parts into a digital library from which you can order parts on demand with lead times as little as two days and quantities as few as a single part.

    Our team of dedicated engineers can redesign your critical parts to improve performance by eliminating flaws in the original design, using new materials and modern manufacturing techniques. 

    Our 60 years of experience has already been applied in other industries to improve the performance of thousands of parts.  Contact us today to get started or click here to learn more.

    Do you have the tools you need to support your customers? Can we help?

    At RapidMade we specialize in providing fast response solutions to your one-off and low volume part needs.  We use advanced 3D scanning, printing, engineering and manufacturing to help you solve those difficult problems.


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    Complex Parts

    Highly customized, unique and complex parts are a specialty. We have the engineering team to help you design.

    Molds & Tooling

    Replacement tooling and mold making? Using 3D technology we can turn that new tool around fast.

    Metal Components

    We work with your team to select the right material and technology to suit your needs.

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