To create or improve products, engineers rely on a number of proven approaches which include CAD Work, 3D Design, Industrial Design, Technical Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and Technical Documentation.  Learn more about how RapidMade can help.

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CAD Work

  • 3D print preparation
  • 2D to 3D conversions
  • Design for manufacturing conversions

    3D Design

    • Contract design work
    • Custom design
    • Product design
    • Conceptual design
    • Proof-of-concept design
    • Design for manufacturing

    Industrial Design

    • Aesthetics
    • Use-ability
    • Ergonomics
    • Anthropometrics
    • Research

    Technical Analysis

    • Stress analysis
    • Motor/actuator sizing and selection

    Reverse Engineering

    • File Conversions
    • Existing part to 3D CAD
    • 3D scan to parametric CAD model

    Technical Documentation

    • Manufacturing drawings
    • Machine layouts


    • User manuals
    • On-site installation

    3D Printing, Manufacturing and Engineering

    RapidMade's services now include:

    Product Design and Engineering

    • Simple static part design to fully automated mechanical and electrical equipment
    • Design for prototyping and manufacture
    • In-house prototyping capabilities for faster iterations and overnight customer feedback
    • 2D and 3D drawings, tolerance and other manufacturing specifications, technology transfer and patent application documentation, equipment manuals, FDA and other compliance as well as other specialized engineering work

    Rapid Prototyping

    • 3D printing, quick-turn machining, traditional metal and plastic forming, short-run castings
    • Thermoset and thermoplastic manufacturing, hard and soft metals, composites available
    • Full-color concept models, functional prototypes, assembly and embedded electronics
    • Quotes generally in under 24 hours, parts in days

    Contract Manufacturing

    • Production quantities ranging from one to tens of thousands
    • A multitude of available manufacturing processes 
    • Expertise in selecting the right manufacturing process for you
    • Personalized attention to detail and top quality customer service
    • Tooling and part library for easy re-orders

    3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

    • Extremely high accuracy 3D digitization of parts as a reproducible STL file
    • Available reverse engineering to create fully defined parametric files and 2D dimensioned drawings
    • Inspection of manufactured goods to identify deviation from the original design
    • Full-color scans also available

    Industrial Pattern and Toolmaking

    • Highly accurate tools in days, not months - at a lower cost
    • Patterns and tools available for all standard manufacturing processes: Injection molding, urethane casting, sand and investment casting, sheet metal stamping, plastic forming and much more
    • Additional finishing capabilities available

    Displays, Exhibits and Promotions

    • Full color 3D printing can be done as quickly as under 24 hours
    • Print directly from renderings in CAD or BIM modeling software
    • Great for architecture, store display and marketing customers
    • Very fine feature detail and beautiful aesthetic quality

    Finishing and Coating

    • A wide range of finish options including paint, powder coat, plating, media blast, tumbling and much more
    • Clear coat and dyed plastic available for cost effective finishing of prototypes and manufactured goods