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Reverse Engineering & 3D Scanning

3D scanners creates mesh models by capturing every segment of a part from different angles that can be merged into a single digital recreation. We capture millions of points to create a mesh which can then be converted into a 3D surface, accurate within 0.001″. From there we can reverse engineer into a solid model or even a detailed drawing, including call outs and tolerances

RapidMade runs desktop and handheld scanners. Our desktop systems are great for high detailed, small parts – up to about 10″ cube.

Our handheld systems can scan up to 3′ cube or more!

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How It Works

3D scans start at $250.

CAD Design services at $130 per hour

Reverse Engineering at $195 per hour

Discounts available when multiple parts are required.

Rusted metallic car parts.

Step 1

Images of the part are submitted via email and evaluated. A preliminary price is quoted to the customer based on the images provided. The client then sends the physical part. If it differs from the original photo, the price may be adjusted.

3D modeling - Scanning a complex metal part

Step 2

The part is measured with precision tools to accurately capture it’s shape and size. This information is used to create a 3D model of the part using SolidWorks.

3D Scanning Services

Step 3

The completed 3D CAD file is then sent to the client or used by RapidMade to manufacture the part for them.